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I am absolutely delighted and so very proud to announce the successes of our two teams swimming yesterday evening in the third and final round of the Milton Keynes Junior League held on Saturday the 9th September 2017.

The team swimming in Leighton Buzzard came joint first and the team swimming in Feltham came first; whilst being the last event of the 2017 Milton Keynes League these were the first big galas of the new swimming season so what a fantastic start for so many of our junior swimmers.

Thank you swimmers for being such brilliant ambassadors for the Club and spreading the word that Otters are a serious competitive club and a force to be reckoned with. I am sure you all had a great time yesterday. Thank you too to the parents that attended these galas, some in an official role, some spectating. I am sure you also had a good evening because I know just how exciting these galas can be and I am sure you were all most proud to see your swimmers swimming so well as part of the Club teams.

And thank you to the coaches for all the hard work coaching the swimmers, organising the galas and picking the team - not an easy task.

It is an honour to be picked to swim for the Club in these League galas and it is so rewarding to see your hard work pay such dividends.

Peter Button
Vice Chairman

Saturday saw us head to Barnet for the first round of the MK Junior League, we had been drawn against some stiff opposition including this years winners of the TVJL.

Drawn in lane 3 the girls 12 medley relay got us underway. For most it was their 2nd or 3rd year swimming in the team competitions but we had our brand new 9year old boys and girls team pulling on the otters hat for the first time.

Noah Wheeler 9 managed to win his 25m backstroke and the 9yr boys Noah, Ethan Horne, Da Wei Allen and Daniel Cornfield managed a second place in their freestyle relay, a fantastic swim.

The 9year old girls stole the show winning both relays by half a length to second place and winning all 4 of the individuals Victoria Daley, Arabella Durkin, Emily Shuttle and Zara Holligan completed the team.

Other wins included the usual suspects, Sadie Lucas 12, 50FC. Olivia Lee 12, 50FLY. Freddie Lucas 10 picked up three first places in the 50BK and both relays, he was joined in the relays by Harry Gibb, Mac Lothian, Jason Vaughan and Chris Carradine.

There were fantastic swims all round and PB’s galore.

Hillingdon 203
Windsor 197
Wycombe 183
Chalfont Otters 168
Harrow 142
Wantage 106

Heads down for round 2 now.


On Saturday, 4th July a squad of 9-12 year old swimmers travelled by a coach to Hanworth Airpark Leisure Centre to compete in the second round of the Milton Keyes Junior League. We faced some very strong competition up against Guildford, Oxford A, Teddington, Barnes, Wantage and no lane blocks but we managed to secure the 5th place just behind Barnes. Unfortunately we have suffered a numerous disqualifications and the final scores were:

  1. Guildford - 276
  2. Teddington - 172
  3. Oxford A - 169
  4. Barnes - 149
  5. Chalfont Otters - 125
  6. Wantage - 118

Our achievements were on the night:

1st place:

Harry Gibb - 9yrs old boys 25m backstroke

2nd places:

10 yrs old boys medley relay team (Luke McGarvie, Shanil Vora, Harry Gibb & Matthew Aldred); Shanil Vora - 10yrs old boys 50 m breaststroke; Sadie Lucas - 11 yrs old girls 50m backstroke & freestyle; Daniella Hoyland -11yrs old girls 50m butterfly; Zoe Holligan - 10 yrs old girls 50m freestyle & Katie Reid - 9 yrs old girls 25m butterfly.

3rd places:

Jason Vaughan - 9yrs old boys 25m breaststroke; Katie Reid - 9 yrs old girls 25m backstroke; Mathew Aldred - 10 yrs old boys 50m butterfly; Harry Gibb - 9 yrs old boys 25m butterfly; Sadie Lucas - 12yrs old girls 50m backstroke; Max McGarvie - 12 yrs old boys 50m backstroke & 9 yrs old girls medley relay team (Katie Reid, Haniya Glazebrook, Rosa Williams & Zahra Lovejoy).

But these were not the only people who helped our 5th place success!

We managed to repeat our last year results of getting in to the middle gala of the final round for the 2nd year in a row after we got promoted to the 1st division. Well done, great results!!!

Good luck to everyone in the final round at Amersham after the summer break on the 12th September!!!


Chalfont Otters Swimming Club participated and hosted the Milton Keynes Junior League final round held at Amersham last night. All Chalfont swimmers swam really well against the oppositions - Barnes, Brompton, Leander, Witney & Wantage - and finished 3rd place.

Our swimmers have achieved lots of PBs and 8 first places: Haniya Glazebrook - 9yrs old girls 25m breaststroke; Jason Vaughan - 9yrs old boys 25m breaststroke; Maddie Rae - 9yrs old girls 25m backstroke; Harry Gibb - 9yrs old boys Backstroke; Zöe Holligan - 10yrs old girls 50m freestyle; Daniella Hoyland - 11yrs old girls 50m butterfly & 12 yrs old boys medley (Taran Glazebrook, Scott Jackson, Michael Zeineddine & Max McGarvie) & freestyle (Scott Jackson, Andreas Bazigos, Michael Zeineddine & Max McGarvie) teams.

The final results were:

  • 1st place: Barnes 216 points
  • 2nd place: Leander 186 points
  • 3rd place: Chalfont 184 points
  • 4th place: Wantage 172 points
  • 5th place: Witney 136 points
  • 6th place: Brompton 123 points

A great performance by all of our swimmers who competed over the 3 rounds!!!


A big "well done" for the MKJL Round 1 Team!!!

Saturday we (32 swimmers, 4 coaches and a couple of parents) travelled to Staines to compete in the first round of the Milton Keynes Junior League. We faced some strong competition, coming up against Windsor, Hillingdon B, Witney & District, Staines A and Teddington and managed to secure 4th place just 1 point behind the 3rd placed Windsor.

The final scores were:

  1. Teddington - 221
  2. Staines A - 214
  3. Windsor - 175
  4. Chalfont Otters- 174
  5. Hillingdon B - 126
  6. Witney and District- 105

Our winners were:

Girls 11/U Freestyle Relay Team (Sadie Lucas,Olivia Lee, Emily Sharpe & Daniella Hoyland),
Shanil Vora - 10 yr old 50m breaststroke,
Sadie Lucas - 11 yr 50m backstroke,
Haniya Glazebrook - 9 yr old 25m breaststroke,
Maddie Rae - 9 yr old 25m backstroke,
Harry Gibbs - 9 yr 25m butterfly,
Girls 11/U Medley Relay Team (Sadie Lucas, Holly Henderson, Daniella Hoyland & Emily Sharpe).

Our team created a loud atmosphere in the very spaceless poolside and face painting was going on throughout the whole gala led by Emily & Izzy.


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