Well done to the swimmers who took part in Arena League Round 3 on Saturday, with Chalfont WINNING this gala!

Every swimmer performed amazingly, with amazing times producing amazing results for the team! The last race was heated - with Otters going in to the race 2nd overall the open boys smashed it winning the cannon relay and taking Chalfont in to 1st place. 

The results table at the end of the night looked like this:

1st Chalfont Otters 205 points
2nd Epsom District 203 points
3rd Alton & District 177 points 
4th Didcot & Barramundi 172 points
5th Newbury 172 points
6th Bracknell & Wokingham B 116 points

This means that we finished this year's national league in 13 place in the "South League: Division 1 West". 

For the overall standings, take a look at the Arena League website

(Article sent in by Lucy) 


Well done to all the members of the team for last night results at Spectrum Centre Guildford. 

Almost every swim resulted in PBs and we finished in 4th place! A great achievement considering the opposition from Bracknell, Maxwell A and Windsor. 


Highlights of the night: 

1st places:

  • 15&U Boys Freestyle Team - Hugo Lane, Jack Eden, Sam Clark & Ross McGarvie (1:44.47);
  • Olivia Lee 13&U Girls 100 Fly (1:09.22);
  • Sadie Lucas 13&U Girls 100 Freestyle (1:04.46) and 100 Backstroke (1:09.73).

2nd places:

  • Sadie Lucas 15&U Girls 100 Backstroke (1:09.47);
  • Olivia Lee 15&U Girls 100 Fly (1:09.04);
  • Matt Aldred 11&U Boys 50 Backstroke (36.99) & 11&U Boys Freestyle (32.57);
  • Zebina George 15&U Girls Freestyle (1:02.94);
  • Shanil Vora 11&U Boys 50 Breaststroke (43.43;
  • Maya Hoyland Open Girls 100 Backstroke (1:08.66) & Open Girls 200 IM (2:29.89);
  • 15&U Girls Medley Team - Sadie Lucas, Georgina Vane, Olivia Lee & Zebina George (2:11.46);
  • Open Girls 6x50 Freestyle Team - Maya Hoyland, Sammy Farnfield, Zebina George, Zoe Jackson, Georgina Vane & Charley Huggett (2:55.5).

Biggest PBs of the night:

  • Achieved by Daniela Hoyland (5sec) in the 100 Breaststroke
  • Scott Jackson (4sec) in 100 Breaststroke
  • Ben Jackson in the 100 Freestyle (4sec). 


The results table at the end of the night looked like this:

1st Bracknell A 216 points
2nd Maxwell  213 points
3rd Windsor  208 points 
4th Chalfont Otters 150 points
5th Guildford C 138 points
6th Didcot 119 points


Great work guys, carry on training hard and we will be even faster/stronger at the final round of the league on the 10th December. 

and a BIG thank you for all support we had last night!!!



Last night saw the NASL team travel to Epsom to swim in the first of 3 galas in the South Region. 

As always a fantastic night, great atmosphere, amazing team spirit and every single swimmer giving it their all. For those that don't know the event is organised into age groups, 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under and open. Being predominantly a young club we are well represented in the younger age groups but at the top end, we had Maya (16) Sammy (16) Zebina (15) Charlie (15) Jess (15) Georgina (14) James (14) Sam (14) Ross (15) Jack (14) Tom (16) and Jamie (16) these brave swimmers were often up against returning university students mostly twice their size and build. (and as Sammy just reminded me a grown man with a beard!)

Throughout the evening every swimmer gave each event 100%, often having to swim in 2 events in quick succession. Some lessons to be learned, but congratulations to all and looking forward to the next round on the 12th November.

Club Points
Maidenhead 221
Leatherhead 203
Maxwell 190
Wycombe B 163
Epsom 139
Otters 127



Well done to all the Arena League Round 2 swimmers who went to compete at Guildford Spectrum last night.

Our draw was very tough but we had some outstanding swims and won 8 races:

11&U frontcrawl girls relay team: Sadie Lucas, Daniella Hoyland, Olivia Lee, Emily Sharpe;
13&U medley boys relay team: Jack Eden, Sam Clark, James McClenn, Max McGarvie;
11&U girls 50 backstroke: Sadie Lucas;
13&U boys 100 backstroke: Sam Clark;
13&U girls 100 fly: Olivia Lee;
11&U girls 50 freestyle: Daniella Hoyland;
13&U boys 100 freestyle: Sam Clark;
13&U frontcrawl boys relay team: Sam Clark, Max McGarvie, Jack Eden, James McClenn.

Also, we achieved nine 2nd and six 3rd places.

The final result was:
1st Reading - 211 points
2nd Midsussex Marlins - 197 points
3rd Kingston Royals - 193 points
4th Guilford City - 179 points
5th Chalfont Otters - 154 points
6th Littlehampton - 108 points

Unofficially we are going to be in the middle gala at the final round of the league which is a great achievement as this is our first year in division one. Still unofficially our possible opposition at the last round are going to be: Jersey Tigers, Epsom, Kingston Royals, Guildford City and Newbury.

There are many more pictures in the Members Area Gallery.

Once again, big thank you for all support we had last night!!!

Darkness falls across the land
The swimming hour is close at hand
Creatures front crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your swimming pool
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for diving down
Must stand and face the blocks of hell
And drop inside the chlorine smell

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of Jamie Aldred’s trunks
And grizzly costumes from every bag
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the swimmer

And so… late in the afternoon the Otter's team are in fancy dress as is their tradition for the final round of Arena League. The theme this year? Scary. Easy for some of them. As for the poor, unwary lifeguard that Maya and Lucia trapped and wrapped up to bring along for the trip, has anyone seen him since?

Setting off in the coach at about 4 o’clock for The Quays in Southampton were 32 swimmers and assorted supporters and parents along for the excitement the evening would bring. The swimming, not the roadworks on the M3.

Otters knew that another performance like those in the earlier rounds would mean promotion but with strong teams to swim against nothing could be taken for granted. A steady start in the open IM events was followed by eight relay events in which Otters managed to pick up three wins; Girls 11 and under freestyle relay, Boys 13 and under medley relay and Boys 15 and under freestyle relay. Two second places for the Boys 11 and under freestyle relay and the Boys 13 and under medley relay and nothing worse than a 4th place meant a strong opening section of races and after 10 events Otters were in second place overall just a couple of points behind Walker Tigers from Jersey.

A batch of individual events were next up with Otters winning 3 of them, Sadie Lucas in the 50 back, Zebina George in the 100 breast and Sam Phippen in the 100 back. Sadie and Zebina setting new Otters club records in the process. Otters still in second place to the swimmers from Jersey.

Individual events continued with Daniella Hoyland winning the 50 fly but a DQ from Ross McGarvie in the 100 back and nothing else better than a 3rd place meant that Otters slipped back into 3rd place behind Tigers and Didcot after 26 events. Still good enough for promotion but having had a second place and a first in the opening rounds Otters wanted to finish strongly.

The next eight individual events saw a win for Sam Phippen in the 100 freestyle and seconds for Maya in the 100 free and Charley Huggett in the 100 fly but Didcot had a really strong group of swimmers for this section and managed to extend the gap to Otters in third place out to 10 points.

Hugo Lane then managed to win the 100m free with a big PB and second places for Max McGarvie in the 50 free, Zebina George in the 100 breaststroke, Maya Semyonova-Hoyland with a new Otters club record in the 100 free meant the gap narrowed and Otters were closing back in on second place. An extraordinary strong 15 and under boys 100 free saw Sam Phippen lower his club record but still only finish 4th in a race where 7 swimmers ducked under 1 minute. Tigers were now well clear in the lead.

The last 8 events were all relays and Otters really gave it everything. Wins for the 11 and under girls in the medley relay, the 13 and under boys in the free relay, and the boys in the 15 and under medley relay along with second place for the 11 and under boys medley relay and finishing ahead of Didcot in every race meant that the deficit was overcome and the final scores were Tigers with 326, Otters with 282 and Didcot with 276. Otters went through the evening with just the one DQ, no 8th places and only one 7th. The 12 wins and consistent 2nd, 3rd and 4th places clinched promotion comfortably in the end.

All of the squad, Daniella Hoyland, Sadie Lucas, Olivia Lee, Isobel Sellers, Grace McCann, Max McGarvie, Scott Jackson, Michael Zeineddine, Will Newman, Emma Button, Zebina George, Charley Huggett, Jessica Blackman, Ross McGarvie, Hugo Lane, Sam Clark, Jason Ramsey, Maya Semyonova-Hoyland, Lucy Villiers, Katie Norris, Sam Phippen, Angus Guironnet, Jamie Aldred, Luke Moloney, Verity Hunn, Roma Sachak-Patwa, Lucia Finan, Lydia Richmond, Jordan Huggett, Harvey James, Cat Holmes, Graham Pearce should be proud of themselves. Especially if they've recovered from the sugar high they must have had eating all those sweets and Lucy's excellent Brownies on the way home.

Final Table

South - Division Two West
Team Gala
Gala 1
Gala 1
Gala 2
Gala 2
Gala 3
Gala 3
Walker Tigers 360 8 347 8 326 16 24 56
Chalfont Otters 276 7 321 8 282 14 24 53
Didcot Barramundi 275 6 276 7 276 12 24 49
Wycombe District B 287 8 291 7 248 10 24 49
Chichester Cormorants 233 5 229 4 207 8 24 41
Worthing 250 7 248 6 159 4 24 41
Windsor B 226 4 244 6 167 6 24 40
Eastleigh 192 3 236 5 283 16 12 36
Farnham 241 6 218 4 131 2 24 36
Staines B 202 5 190 3 264 12 12 32
West Wight 223 3 232 5 260 10 12 30
Hart 209 2 160 2 267 14 12 30
Godalming 194 4 190 3 222 8 12 27
Wey Valley 144 2 150 2 176 6 12 22
Littlehampton B 120 1 107 1 161 4 12 18
Andover 127 1 109 1 138 2 12 12

A MASSIVE WELL DONE FOR THE WHOLE TEAM for the great results and effort last night!!!!

We went to Bognor Regis to swim at the 1st round of the National Arena League. As last year we got promoted to the division 1, this was our first experience of being in the higher division of the league.

The results were amazing and we are still buzzing...

1st place: Maxwell - 207 points
2nd place: Fareham Nomads - 200 points
3rd place: Chalfont Otters - 192 points
4th place: Newbury - 174 points
5th place: Alton & District - 145 points
6th place: Littlehampton - 128 points

The whole team performed wonderful and once again thank you to everyone who supported the swimmers.

There are many more pictures from the evening in the members area gallery.

Chalfont Otters enhanced their promotion chances on Saturday night when they defeated all comers in the latest round of the Arena League.

Whilst everyone shone on the night, special mention must go to Jamie Aldred who stepped in when a late injury scare disrupted the well laid plans and Charley Huggett who swam magnificently in her individual races and relays.

Otters are now placed 2nd in the League going into the final round when they again take on Wycombe and top of the table team Jersey Tigers for the promotion places. Final scores;

  1. Chalfont Otters 321
  2. Wycombe 'B' 291
  3. Windsor 'B' 244
  4. Eastleigh 236
  5. Farnham 218
  6. Staines 'B' 190
  7. Hart 160
  8. Andover 109


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